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We typically cater to parents and students in the Bronzeville, Hyde Park, and Chatham areas who travel across town to other school districts. (We also service families who are in close proximity to school) Specializing in one-way or round trip door-to-door service, we also offer emergency pick ups when needed.  We truly understand the need for affordable and trustworthy children's transportation options.



Precious Parcels was started by Erika Jeffries, a southside Chicago mom who is very passionate about ensuring the safety of her children. After having numerous conversations with other moms in the Chicagoland area seeking transportation for their children, she decided to take matters into her own hands and start her own transportation service! As a mother of 2 grade school students and 1 college graduate, all products of the Chicago Public School system, she knows how impactful education is, and seeks to provide a reliable service to get students to and from school. (She isn't just the CEO, she's a client!)  Parents can rest assured, knowing that their children are in great hands with Precious Parcels.



Working in Corporate America for the past 25 years had it's highs and lows to say the least!  One of the lows had been the 7:30am - 7pm workday hours and the lack of affordable school transportation to support such a work day.  Free busing without boundary restrictions is now a thing of the past for the Chicago Public Schools. My three children have all attended  selective enrollment schools, neither of which was located within our neighborhood. 


Needless to say, the commute to school and arriving at work in a timely manner, has been a challenge for most families who live on one side of the city and school on the other. Thus, I know this struggle well, and when the opportunity presented itself to own and manage a business that mattered, I eagerly stepped up.  Being a solution to this widespread issue gives me great satisfaction and fulfills my need to contribute and provide a much needed service to you, my peers.  (I now use the services as well!)  I shiver at the thought of a parent having to turn down an enrollment acceptance to any credible education institute due to lack of transportation assistance!

Choosing a service to see your kiddos off to school and back does not come without guilt!  Trust me, I know!  I actually put my 3 & 4 year olds on a bus, due to early work hours, just a few years ago.  It passes! Especially when you know that they fall into a comfy power nap on the way to school! It also gives you time to decompose before tackling the world.  (Decomposition time may include a good work out, a little more sleep or a quick 'children-less' run to the grocery store!)


I assure you that while Precious Parcels has possession of your angels, you can be rest assured of their safety and TLC.   We'll represent you well as the last contact they have before school. For instance, to mitigate a major pain, we'll ensure that your angels have hat, gloves and bags each day, as it applies! :-)


Not only am I the PPT CEO.....I'm also a client!! Special delivery to Skinner West Classical!!

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