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Our Policies

Our parents, our precious children and our drivers form a winning partnership!  This relationship, like any other, is definitely a two way street and needs to be nurtured.  We've taken the time to jot down a few things that we'll need to ensure that your kiddos have a wonderful experience!


Weekly Service:
We ask that you complete this monthly calendar, the week before the 1st of each month.  We service serveral schools which operate on different calendars and want to schedule pick up or drop off for school days only.

Emergency Daily Service:

We know that there are parents who are able to handle transporting their own children to and from school.  However, for those times when you need our assistance, we ask that you provide us with notice of at least 24hrs., so that we can arrange and confirm scheduling.

Simple Bus Rules

1.  No eating or drinking allowed on the vehicle

2.  Seatbelts will be secured at all times

2.  Absolutely no physical contact

Payment Schedule

We accept various forms of online banking payments, including Chase and Bank of America Quick payment.  We ask that payment is made by the Saturday before service each Monday. We encourage you to utilize a biweekly or monthly payment schedule, if possible.

Onboard Tutoring

For an additional cost, homework help and review is provided on board by a Crystal Clear Tutoring, LLC tutor. Tutors will literally ride along with children of interested parents and offer homework assistance or specific subject tutoring. If you are interested in adding this service on a daily or weekly basis, please let us know, so that we can arrange for a tutor to be present for the ride. For more information on Crystal Clear's tutoring program, visit




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